This custom built redwood deck has seen two decades go by -

Meantime, the wood has grayed out -

The crevices between boards have collected debris -

Mildew has taken over in shaded areas -

especially in narrow spots -

...and squirrels have done their best to round off the corners of rail caps -

So, is it possible to shed twenty years off of this deck and bring back it's original beauty?
Let's find out..

Naturally, the first step is power-washing -

The difference it makes is quite dramatic -

Further, a solution of oxalic acid brings out the color -

Some spots require scrubbing -

After a final rinse the deck is hardly recognizable -

Now it's time to relax and get dry -

A few days later I come back to replace a few boards -

like so... -

a support under the bench -

and two short rail caps-

After discussing some options with the owners, we agreed that the rest of the “work” done by squirrels can be improved with wood putty.
Hardly any sanding is required this time.
A semi-transparent oil finish is my recommendation, and the owner's choice.
I keep a blower by my side to make sure that the surfaces are free of any debris as I apply stain -

The loungers are finished “off-site” -

A light sprinkle in the early morning of the next day puts the waterproofing quality of the stain to the test. Water beads up on the surface. The stain passes with an A+! -

Now it's time to give the deck a good overall look -

Under the rails as well -

Touch up a few spots -

And give it back to the owners to enjoy -

Lincoln, NE | May 2012

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