An exterior paint job is a long term investment. My premium exterior services are designed to maximize the life of a paint system. When painting the exterior of your home I will:

Install OSHA approved safety equipment for all work to be done at heights;
Pressure wash all surfaces to be painted to remove dirt, dust, mildew and most of the chipping and peeling paint;
Fine-grind, scrape and sand siding to remove remaining loose paint and to smooth out transition edges;
Precisely mask, cover and otherwise protect all adjacent surfaces, fixtures and landscape;
Set nails, caulk, patch and make other necessary surface preparation
Prime all exposed substrate with an appropriate primer;
Spray and back-brush two coats of premium quality paint. This method minimizes surface tension of drying paint film, and ensures proper coverage, adhesion and durability;
Draw crisp trim and accent color lines;
Closely inspect for and repair imperfection;
Clean up daily and dispose of waste at the end of the job;
Provide a touch up kit of all colors and finishes used;
Perform a final walk-through with you to assure your complete satisfaction;
Include a three year warranty on workmanship. 

I will give special attention to decks, handrails, fences and porches.

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