Have a question regarding your painting or staining project?

Please email me and I will answer honestly and to the best of my knowledge.

What would you charge to paint my house, room or deck of X square feet?

The cost may vary greatly depending on surface condition, difficulty factors, quality expectations, etc. I would gladly discuss your project and provide you with a detailed written estimate. Please request an appointment here.

Every painter promises to deliver quality work for an affordable price. What makes you different? 

I assure you that your project will be done with the least possible impact on your daily routine. I personally guarantee that I will respect your privacy and property, give adequate attention to every detail of your project, work continuously until completion and your full satisfaction.

If I hire your company, who will do the work?

I will do the work myself with the help of highly qualified and trusted professionals.

Do you offer any warranty?

Yes. My premium interior and exterior services automatically come with a three-year limited warranty on workmanship.

Is more expensive paint better?

Generally, yes. But the most expensive paint may not necessarily be the best choice for your project. In some cases, the properties of the most expensive products would not only be wasted but could be undesirable. When suggesting a product for a particular project, I first consider it's technical data, and then price, presentation, and fashion trends. I've used many different products over the years, and utilize new products as they become available. I guaranty that I will suggest the best material options that will fit your purpose, style, budget and quality expectations. At any rate, avoid using the cheapest paints. They are inferior in quality.

Do you remove switch and outlet covers or just paint around them?

Yes, I remove them wherever possible. It's easier to paint with covers removed. The same goes for duct grids, curtain rods, knobs and other hardware. The job is done faster and looks better.

Have you ever spilled a bucket of paint?

Of course! A few times, in fact. The one time that I remember most vividly was when I was moving my sprayer down a set of stairs with a 5-gallon bucket hanging on the hook above the stinger. The sprayer accidentally bounced off a step and the bucked jumped off the hook and went tumbling down the stairs... After getting back my composure I spent some quality time cleaning up. The result? The stairs ended up looking better than ever before, and I learned a valuable lesson.