Lincoln, Nebraska Painting Contractor's Bio - Philosophy, History, Experience and Profile  

Yuriy Fomin - Yuriy's Painting | Lincoln, NE


My name is Yuriy Fomin. I am the owner and operator of Yuriy’s Painting - a custom painting company in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

My approach to painting is simple - I paint each home as if it were my own. It is not just a marketing catchphrase or a mission statement. It is the only way I can truly enjoy the process and, as a result, provide my customers with the best experience and service for their money.

I am fascinated by the concepts of craftsmanship and quality. I know that by following and preserving these concepts and principles, I can make my life and the lives of others better.

Becoming a house painter wasn't my childhood dream. I started to paint out of necessity but have quickly grown to enjoy it. I got my first painting job in the summer of 1996, shortly after immigrating from my home city of Kyiv, Ukraine, to New York. Soon curiosity led me from the East Coast to Eugene, Port Angeles, and then to Seattle. Wherever I was - I was making my living by professionally painting. During all those years, I met many interesting people and painted hundreds of homes. I had the pleasure of working alongside seasoned masters and learning many techniques and "tricks of the trade." I also worked at a regional paint store, where I greatly expanded my knowledge and understanding of the nature of paints and other materials.

While living in Seattle, I established my own painting company in April 2000. I taught myself the aspects of running a business by learning from my mistakes. And while the times were tough in the beginning, I refused to compromise on the principles of quality. I tried to align myself with the best artisans in the city. I treated my customers how I would want to be treated, and they returned the favor by repeating their business. I still get occasional emails from some of them expressing regrets that I no longer live in the area and asking for advice.

In December of 2010, my pursuit of happiness brought me to Lincoln. The warmth and kindness of the people here have made me feel right at home. I am privileged to have become a part of this community.

When I'm not painting, I spend my time exploring Nebraska and far beyond, maintaining my passion for music, adventuring in the wilderness, running, biking, working on side projects, playing board games, and continuously learning about the world around me and my place in it.

I want to thank all my Lincoln customers for trusting me with their homes. I look forward to continuing my tradition of fine craftsmanship.

Please take a moment to review more information about how I conduct business and the services I offer. If you have a painting project that requires the attention of a professional, I will be happy to help you.


Established and operated as Everlast Finishing, Seattle, WA: April 2000 - December 2010 | WA UBI 602 021 064 

Established as Yuriy's Painting, Lincoln, NE: January 26, 2011 | Nebraska DOL Reg. 96030-24

Federal EIN: 90-2022693

Nebraska Tax ID: 10882642

Liability Insurance: $1,000,000 General Aggregate

For a copy of The Certificate of Insurance contact: 

Carla Stauffer 

Zimmer Insurance Group, 3230 S 13th St. Lincoln, NE 68502 

Phone: 402-419-5106